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Pricing for the Campaign Finance Management Suite?

Our pricing varies based on the size of the county using the service. Since most customers anticipate that increased collection of late filing fees will offset some or all of their subscription fees the service can, in fact, save time and even make money.

We realize that in small counties there are few if any campaign committees who are required to file so we've introduced the Campaign Finance "Lite" suite of tools. Our "Lite" product turns off the "Enforcement Expert".

Our new eFiling service is available for the 2020 election cycle. New clients will be setup and launched, first come first serve: So contact us NOW!. Now Committees can submit their reports to your office online.

Pricing for New Subscribers, effective January 1, 2020.
Please Note: Initial setup charges may apply

County Population eFiling Subscription  Enterprise Subscription"Lite" Subscription
750,001-1.5 mill.$24,000$14,000$7,000
over 1.5 million$30,000$17,500$8,000

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