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Who is Campaign Finance US?

Campaign Finance US, LLC was created in July 2011 as spinout from Consulting Engineering Associates, Inc. (CEA) of Detroit, Michigan. The company's founders and principal partners, Fred Shapiro, Kenneth Shapiro and Fred S. Weiss, will continue to operate Campaign Finance US services. Previously, Messrs. Shapiro managed the business while part of CEA.

 The Management Team

Fred S. Weiss - Managing Director. Mr. Weiss has been involved in information technology since 1985, beginning with software sales and support and 8 years of software development in the manufacturing and retail sectors. Mr. Weiss holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University.

Fred Shapiro - Technology Director. Mr. Shapiro has over 35 years of information technology experience, including 15 years software development experience in tech companies, 10 years as an IT director and decades of work on independent and consulting projects. Mr. Shapiro holds Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Kenneth Shapiro - Operations Director. Mr Shapiro has over 35 years of experience in electrical and civil engineering and is President and principal owner of Consulting Engineering Associates, Inc. Mr. Shapiro holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan and is a Professional Engineer, licensed in Michigan.

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