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What is Campaign Finance US?, Enterprise Edition, is a full-featured, subscription-based solution for automating the enforcement of Michigan's campaign finance law, at the county level. It automates all office functions for administration of, and ensuring compliance with, Public Act 388 of 1976 (as amended). It provides all of the features found in our enterprise-class solution currently being used by several large counties in Michigan. was created to provide a solution that is affordable to smaller and medium-sized counties, but without sacrificing the powerful features that our enterprise-class solution has.

We keep track of the following items:
• Candidates, campaign committees and their associated documents
• Elections and their respective filing deadlines
• Jurisdictions
• Elective offices
• Assessment and tracking of late filing fees

 Elections Office Component

The real power in is in its ability to keep track of filing deadlines and to automatically generate associated correspondence, freeing your staff from having to keep track of dates or maintain a tickler file.

For smaller counties with few committees having to file, we provide our "Lite" service. Campaign Finance - "Lite" provides an easy public internet access to campaign finance filings.

 Public Access Component

In addition to automating your elections office, also provides citizens and members of the press easy, read-only access to the system. Citizens may search on campaign committees, offices and/or jurisdictions, and they will be able to view campaign statements and any outgoing correspondence from your office – all from the convenience of their own computer. This provides a valuable service to your constituents, and, frees your office staff to perform other functions. In our experience, once a county adopts, visits to its elections office by citizens for the purpose of viewing campaign statements virtually cease.

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