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Welcome to We provide software services to Michigan's county clerks to assist them in recording campaign finance reports, providing public access and assessing late filing fees when necessary.

Michigan Counties Using Our Campaign Finance Reporting Management system.

County  Software Reporting Page
Barry CFUS EnterpriseVisit Barry County Site
Bay CFUS EnterpriseVisit Bay County Site
BerrienCFUS EnterpriseLaunching Soon
CalhounCFUS eFilerLaunching Soon
EatonCFUS EnterpriseVisit Eaton County Site
GeneseeCFUS eFilerVisit Genesee County Site.
GratiotCFUS LiteVisit Gratiot County Site.
HoughtonCFUS eFilerComing Soon
JacksonCFUS EnterpriseVisit Jackson County Site.
KalamazooCFUS eFilerVisit Kalamazoo County Site.
KentCFUS eFilerVisit Kent County Site.
LivingstonCFUS eFilerVisit Livingston County Site
MacombCFUS eFilerVisit Macomb County Site.
MuskegonCFUS EnterpriseVisit Muskegon County Site.
OaklandCFUS eFilerVisit Oakland County Site
St. ClairCFUS EnterpriseVisit St. Clair County Site
WashtenawCFUS eFilerVisit Washtenaw County Site

Where is My County's Campaign Finance Reporting Page?

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Use the list below to find your county clerk's website

Michigan counties are required by the Michigan Campaign Finance Act to provide public access to campaign finance filings, but online reporting is not required. If you'd like to see your county's reporting available online, please contact your county's elections office, which can be reached via your county clerk's office.

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